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Euretina 2024

Imagine Eyes will exhibit at the EURETINA meeting in Barcelona on September 19-22, 2024. We warmly welcome all attendees…

Video replays

Interview & discussion with 3 ophthalmologists, first users of rtx1 with TFI optional module, about imaging RPE cells and pigment changes.
8 clinicians who use the rtx1 AO fundus camera shared about their recent research projects, methods and results.
Interview & discussion with 3 ophthalmology professors about the use of AO retinal imaging in dry AMD.
Discussion with 3 clinical experts on AO retinal imaging for diseases that alter small blood vessels.
30min roundtable discussion with 3 clinical experts on the use of AO retinal imaging in inherited retinal diseases.

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Update on AO imaging at FujiRetina

Publications in the spotlight

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