ICOOR 2021

Spectacular innovations in high-resolution retinal imaging and novel clinical findings will be […]

Book a LIVE E-DEMO of the rtx1

Online demonstrations of the rtx1 AO retinal camera are available ! We invite you to spend a few […]

Save-the-date for a 30-min webinar!

We warmly invite you to connect for a roundtable discussion, where 3 clinical experts will share […]

ISGEDR meeting in Lausanne

On September 2-4, Imagine Eyes exhibits at the International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and […]

ARVO 2021

At Imagine Eyes, we have transformed adaptive optics technology into clinician-friendly products, […]

Adaptive optics at AOPT 2021

Imagine Eyes has been invited to present a lecture at the 15th biennal meeting of the Association […]