Reduced cone cell density associated with multiple sclerosis

Recently published in Ophthalmology Science, a clinical study at Queen’s University Belfast assessed photoreceptors cells in multiple sclerosis patients’ retinas, using rtx1 AO camera.

The authors report reduced cone density measurement in MS patients with and without history of optic neuritis, in comparison with healthy controls.


“AO imaging might be a sensitive and possibly a more specific indicator of retinal changes in MS than OCT imaging, or the two together might contribute to a more detailed phenotyping of MS patients. “



Article reference: McIlwaine, G., Csincsik, L., Coey, R., Wang, L., Fitzgerald, D., Moffat, J., Dubis, A. M., McDonnell, G., Hughes, S., Peto, T., & Lengyel, I. (2023). Reduced cone density is associated with multiple sclerosis. Ophthalmology Science, 100308.