Imagine Eyes’ software for analyzing retinal microstructure receives CE mark

Imagine Eyes obtained the CE mark for a new variant of the rtx1 adaptive optics retinal camera, which includes the AOdetect 3.0 application for analyzing microscopic structures in the retina.

The new software provides an extensive set of metrics for quantifying the mosaic arrangement of cone photoreceptor cells, as well as the wall structure of retinal arterioles. AOdetect 3.0 also enables tracking these biomarkers over time, with the help of trend curves and printable reports.

“I am delighted by this achievement, as it marks the first time cellular-level analysis is approved for use by clinicians” says Barbara Lamory, manager of quality and regulatory affairs at Imagine Eyes.

“With AOdetect 3.0, the rtx1 provides an easy way to assess changes in the retina over short periods of time. The value is not only in better understanding the mechanisms of diseases, but also in accelerating the clinical development of new therapies” says Nicolas Chateau, Imagine Eyes’ CEO.

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