Great presentations at i2Eye 2020

During the i2Eye 2020 meeting organized by Paris Eye Imaging group, medical experts, physicists and biologists addressed recent progress in ocular imaging and discussed how it helps understand eye diseases and improve clinical care.

Imagine Eyes’ team is honored to have been invited to speak during this event. Furthermore, users of the rtx1 Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera reported novel clinical findings in several presentations.

We are grateful to the organizers and to all speakers for giving such exposure to our product.

For those who could not attend the event live, the rtx1 talks are summarized below, and recordings of the presentations are also available.

Summary of rtx1 talks – i2Eye meeting, October 12-14, 2020

Age-related macular degeneration – AMD

Michel Paques (Quinze-Vingt National Hospital), Florian Sennelaub (Vision Institute) and Ethan Rossi (University of Pittsburg) showed how cellular level retinal imaging with adaptive optics (AO) enabled further understanding of the mechanisms of geographic atrophy in AMD. Impressive time-lapse animations showed atrophy border progression and pigmented clumps mobility over short timescales.

Inherited retinal diseases – IRDs

Kiyoko Gocho (Nippon Medical School) and Melanie Kempf (University of Tubingen) reported recent findings in IRDs. In retinitis pigmentosa caused by a rare gene mutation, alterations in the cone mosaic were detected even before visual symptoms started, thanks to rtx1 AO imaging. In choroideremia patients, the condition of the retina was examined at the cellular level after they underwent gene therapy under clinical trial.

Retinal detachment

Jelena Potic (Jules Gonin Hospital) reported about post-operative recovery of photoreceptors assessed by follow-up examinations with the rtx1 device.

Retinal vessels assessed at the microscopic scale

Michel Paques showed distinct retinal vascular phenotypes observed with the rtx1 in arterial hypertension, retinal inflammation, and Fabry disease. Daniela Castro-Farias (Quinze-Vingt National Hospital) presented ongoing research combining flicker stimulation and AO imaging for assessing vasoconstriction of retinal vessels.

Imagine Eyes’ presentations

Marine Durand (marketing team) gave an overview of rtx1 findings in IRDs, reported since its CE certification. Christophe Rondeau (R&D department) presented the first results obtained with a rtx1 camera modified for imaging the RPE cell mosaic.


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