Adaptive optics at AOPT 2021

Imagine Eyes has been invited to present a lecture at the 15th biennal meeting of the Association for Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (AOPT).

March 7th, 10:30-noon EST
Session 13, Ophthalmic Imaging Technologies and Biomarkers
Nicolas Chateau PhD, Adaptive Optics imaging usable by clinicians

The translation of adaptive optics (AO) imaging technology from astrophysics to ophthalmology has been paved with novel clinical findings that resulted from spectacular cellular-resolution images of the retina.

Imagine Eyes will explain how collaborative R&D projects involving clinicians have improved the usability of AO, and enabled its adoption by clinical centers throughout the world. The lecture will include examples of AO findings that contributed to clinical research and investigations in new therapies.

Click here to see how the rtx1 AO retinal camera  makes adaptive optics usable by clinicians.

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