ICOOR 2020

The 8th International Congress on OCT and OCT angiography in Rome will be held online, on December 18-19 2020.

Dec 19th, Session 21, at 2:40pm CEST
Prof. Michael Pircher will present the MERLIN project

Coordinated by Imagine Eyes, the MERLIN project aims at developing a cutting-edge medical imaging instrument combining OCT, OCT angiography, SLO and adaptive optics technologies. It will enable examining the back of the eye with a level of details currently unavailable to doctors, to address unmet needs in retinal ophthalmology. During his presentation, Prof. Pircher from Medical University of Vienna will reveal images delivered by this pre-clinical device.

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For registered attendees, the presentation will be available online until February 2021


The MERLIN project has received € 4.868M in funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under grant agreement No 780989.