AOdetect mosaic™ for rtx1™

Comprehensive analysis of cone photoreceptor mosaics

AOdetect mosaic™ provides an easy interface to analyze cone photoreceptor mosaics in ultrahigh-resolution retinal images acquired with the rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera. This software application allows users to select regions of interest and compute quantitative analyses of cone density and inter-cone spacing, as well as voronoi analyses of the mosaic regularity. Results are displayed in the form of descriptive statistics, diagrams and color maps, all of which can be exported to easily readable file formats.

AOdetect analysis windowl

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AOdetect mosaic has not been validated for clinical use. It is available as a test version, intended for research use only.




  • For the first time, adaptive optics enables us to visualize retinal neurons –the photoreceptors- and offers totally new options to evaluate retinal therapies. Pr. José Sahel, Hôpital des Quinze-Vingts, Paris 
  • As much as OCT, Imagine Eyes’ technology is a major breakthrough in retinal diagnostics. Pr. Wolfgang Drexler, Medical University Vienna 
  • Retinal images acquired with Imagine Eyes’ instrument are the most promising things that I have seen at the American Academy of Ophthalmology this year. Dr. Ben Szirth, New Jersey Medical School, USA 
  • We no more can  imagine further  progress in the knowledge and treatment of retinal diseases without  the cellular and micro-vascular  imaging  technique developed by Imagine Eyes. Pr. Philippe Sourdille, Sourdille Ophthalmology Clinic, Nantes, France 

AOdetect leaflet