Lecture demonstrates a cellular-level retinal OCT and artifact-free OCTA device

December 19th at 2:40pm CEST, Session 21

For the first time on Dec 19th at the ICOOR congress, Prof. Michael Pircher will introduce an imaging system that combines the performance of high-end SLO, OCT and OCTA devices with the ability to visualize individual retinal cells in 3 dimensions. Those who attend the lecture will also discover how it delivers artifact-free angiographic images of retinal capillaries and choriocapillaris with an unprecedented resolution.

This pre-commercial device is the first outcome of MERLIN, a 3-year collaborative project that develops multimodal and multiscale imaging technology in order to address unmet needs in retinal ophthalmology. This project has been carried out as a joint effort of academic groups, clinical centers and Imagine Eyes.

To learn more about the MERLIN project, click here.

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