Try the rtx1 at ISGEDR meeting in Germany

Together with our German partner LeyeFE.Med, we will exhibit at the International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma meeting, in Giessen, Germany, on August 29-31, 2019. We warmly welcome all attendees to visit us and discover our latest advances in adaptive optics (AO) retinal imaging.

Our flagship product, the rtx1-e™ AO retinal camera, enables examining patients’ retinas with an unprecedented level of detail: the cellular level. Thanks to AO technology, it images individual cells and microscopic lesions in the retina with the highest resolution on the market. It is also fast and easy to use in the clinic. The rtx1 comes to ISGEDR 2019 equipped with the latest software which brings key improvements in terms of usability, especially for follow-up examinations and quantification of cellular biomarkers.

Also, rtx1 user Prof Kiyoko Gocho (Nippon Medical School, Japan) will present how cellular level imaging with enabled new clinical insights into inherited retinal diseases.

Visit our booth to try it!


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