73rd JCO meeting in Kyoto

Nikon Healthcare Japan will be exhibiting the rtx1-e Adaptive Optics retinal camera at the 73rd Congress of Japanese Clinical Ophthalmology. It will be held in Kyoto on October 24th-27th 2019. We welcome all JCO visitors to stop by Nikon booth and see our latest advances in cellular resolution retinal imaging.

Indeed, the rtx1 goes to Kyoto equipped with new features:

  • Images acquired at different visits are automatically aligned at the cellular level,
  • Follow-ups saved in the interface are automatically updated with each new visit.

Designed to precisely meet users’ requests, these improvements enable to perform micron-precision follow-up very quickly, and facilitate tracking retinal changes at the cellular level.

The new possibilities offered by the rtx1 are well illustrated by recent clinical findings from Japanese teams. Cellular level imaging in Choroideremia carriers revealed that the cone mosaic was preserved, an information of key importance as a gene therapy for this disease is in development (Suzuki et al., 2019). Another example is the follow-up of Retinitis Pigmentosa patients: the disease progression could be assessed over 2 years with images of cones, while usual examinations did not show significant changes (Ueda-Consolvo et al., 2019). Finally, in a clinical trial for stem-cell therapy for AMD, the rtx1 enabled imaging directly the new RPE cells implanted in the patient’s retina and confirming their stability over time (Takagi et al., 2019).

Are you curious to see and try the rtx1 yourself? Visit us at Nikon Healthcare Japan booth!


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