73rd JCO meeting in Kyoto

Nikon Healthcare Japan will be exhibiting the rtx1-e Adaptive Optics retinal camera at the 73rd Congress of Japanese Clinical Ophthalmology, in Kyoto on October 24th-27th 2019. We welcome all JCO visitors to stop by Nikon booth and see our latest advances in cellular resolution retinal imaging.

Imagine Eye’s flagship product, the rtx1, goes to Kyoto equipped with a new feature: micron-precision follow-up interface. Images of the same retinal area acquired at different visits are automatically aligned at the cellular level. Such follow-ups are now saved and updated with each new visit. It enables tracking a same group of cells over time, and detecting extremely small pathological changes. Micron-precision follow-up is also available for microvascular images.

There are now over 130 peer-reviewed publications that describe how the rtx1 delivered new insight into not only retinal diseases, but also chronic health conditions such as diabetes, vascular inflammation and arterial hypertension.

To see and try the rtx1, visit us at Nikon Healthcare Japan booth.


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