Euretina 2020

At the upcoming Euretina online meeting, users of the rtx1 adaptive optics retinal camera will present recent clinical findings :

Longitudinal follow-up study of adaptive optics retinal imaging in patients with inherited retinal degenerations

Melanie Kempf, rtx1 user at University of Tübingen

Adaptive optics imaging in early onset drusen

Dario Giorgio, rtx1 user at University of Florence

Cone density, cone mosaic and fundus autofluorescence results in focal laser-treated central serous chorioretinopathy

Radu Ochiniciuc, rtx1 user at Bucarest Retina Clinic

EURETINA 2020 will be held online on October 2-4.

Learn more about the rtx1-e AO Retinal Camera here.