ICOOR 2021

Spectacular innovations in high-resolution retinal imaging and novel clinical findings will be introduced at the 9th International Congress on OCT and OCT Angiography – ICOOR 2021 meeting – in Rome on Dec 17-18.

Michael Pircher and Nicolas Chateau will present the results of MERLIN, a consortium funded by the European Commission to advance retinal imaging instrumentation. Their lectures will introduce a device that delivers multimodal information on the retina at different scales, including three-dimensional cellular-resolution images.

Kiyoko Gocho will present the first clinical observations using a new adaptive optics modality for imaging the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) with microscopic resolution.

Equally exciting and important, Daniela Bacherini will demonstrate photoreceptor recovery assessment at the cellular scale – using a rtx1 AO retinal camera.

Challenges in adaptive optics OCT imaging

Michael Pircher, Medical University of Vienna
Dec. 17 at 14:59 CET, ICOOR hall

Photoreceptor layer reconstitution in Acute Syphilitic Posterior Placoid Chorioretinopathy imaged by means of Adaptive Optics

Daniela Bacherini, Careggi University Hospital
Dec. 17 at 15:55 CET, Belle Arti hall

Multimodal and multiscale retinal imaging with cellular-resolution OCT/OCTA

Nicolas Chateau, Imagine Eyes
Dec. 17 at 17:15 CET, Belle Arti hall

Imaging the retinal pigment epithelium using an adaptive optics camera with transscleral flood illumination

Kiyoko Gocho, Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital
Dec. 17 at 17:20 CET, Belle Arti hall

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The MERLIN project has received € 4.868M in funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under grant agreement No 780989.