400 million patients are affected by retinal diseases Their number is to double over the next 40 years Over 50% of cases remain undiagnosed 92 firms are developing new retinal therapies

Why we advance retinal imaging

Diagnose earlier. Retinal diseases affect 400 million people worldwide. Additionally over 1 billion suffer from other health conditions that impact the back of the eye, including hypertension and diabetes. Early retinal symptoms are difficult to detect and massive numbers of cases are left undiagnosed.

Treat better. While multiple breakthrough therapies become available, doctors have the key role of choosing the option that works best for each individual patient. Unfortunately it often takes months to evaluate how a patient responds to a therapy. As a consequence, millions of people are being treated with drugs that are not optimal for them.

Improve health. Imagine Eyes® advances retinal imaging technology in order to address these major health issues.

Leading technology pioneer

First to market. Imagine Eyes has introduced adaptive optics technology in medicine. With our rtx1™ product, doctors can examine cellular structures and track microscopic lesions that were previously invisible in the retina.

New medical insight. Medical centers that adopted the rtx1 have published over 100 peer-reviewed articles. Their investigations with the rtx1 revealed new insights into not only retinal pathologies, but also arterial hypertension, vascular inflammation and diabetes.

Leading edge. Imagine Eyes is now deploying the rtx1 through an international network of distributors. Meanwhile, our engineers keep developing tomorrow’s retinal imaging technology.

Quality inseparable from innovation

Imagine Eyes’ approach of quality management starts with listening to customers and results in medical imaging devices that match their most demanding needs. From the beginning to the end of the innovation cycle, we make sure to comply with the most recent regulations and international standards. Our quality organization is certified for the ISO 13485 standard.


Imagine Eyes unites specialists in biophotonics, software engineering, medical imaging, and ophthalmic business. Beyond technical expertise, we also value creativity, problem solving, emotional intelligence… all of which enable us to collaborate with leading clinicians, scientists and distributors.

Inside the company as well as in partnerships, teamwork is driven by shared ambitions: develop international business and make a positive impact on global health.

Board of directors

Stéphane Sallmard, Chairman

Stéphane Sallmard brings an exceptional experience in management, paved with accomplishments in high-tech product marketing. As CEO of Optos Plc. in 2001, he drove the company’s sales from $1.5 million to $67 million in 5 years, and secured £50 million in funding when the company went public in 2006. Stéphane had previously demonstrated his skills in business development, marketing and finance at several innovative groups including IBM, Wang, Digital, Nixdorf, General Electric and Acuson Systems.

Nicolas Chateau, Cofounder & CEO

Nicolas Chateau has built his career on bringing innovative ophthalmic products to market. Since he cofounded Imagine Eyes in 2003, he has established partnerships with scientific and clinical centers, secured several millions euros in grant funding, and driven the team’s effort to market breakthrough medical imaging devices. Nicolas previously developed high-tech optical products for major companies including Coherent, Ocular Sciences and Essilor. He has authored 12 patents and dozens of scientific publications.

Xavier Levecq, Cofounder and CTO

Xavier Levecq contributes boundless creativity in the development of Imagine Eyes’ products. Before the inception of Imagine Eyes, he also cofounded Imagine Optic together with Samuel Bucourt and designed new wavefront sensors that propelled their venture into an international success. Earlier, recruited while still at university by CILAS-EADS, Xavier developed high-tech optronic systems for « StarWars » military applications based on advanced space optics technologies. He has authored 30 patents.

Samuel Bucourt, Cofounder and CFO

Samuel Bucourt brings solid expertise in administration and finance, as well as salesforce organization and business development. In addition to his activities as CFO at Imagine Eyes, he works as CEO at Imagine Optic, a world-leading company in the area of optical wavefront sensors that he founded in association with Xavier Levecq in 1996.  Samuel also serves at Board Member and Treasurer at Photonics France, a nationwide association of photonics manufacturers.

Jamal Labed, Board Member

Jamal Labed co-founded EasyVista in 1988, a software editor for IT service management listed on Euronext. As EasyVista’s COO, he leads business operations and drives global strategy, while he also serves as board member for several tech start-ups. Prior to EasyVista, Jamal founded Sight International and Echo Soft Technologies, which he sold to Platinum Technology. France’s government has named him “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur” and Ambassador for the French Tech Diversity program.