SHIVA project awarded with € 8.2 million in funding to fight small vessel diseases

The SHIVA research project aims at preventing cognitive impairment and dementia by tackling one of their leading causes: small vessel diseases.

Led by Profs. Stéphanie Debette and Thierry Couffinal at the Bordeaux University Hospital, SHIVA was nominated as a laureate in the Hopsital-University Research in health (RHU) program operated by France’s National Research Agency. Thanks to this new award, the project will receive 8.2 million euros in governmental funding.

As a partner in the SHIVA project, Imagine Eyes collaborates with a team of neurologists, cardiologists and ophthalmologists. This joint taskforce develops new retinal imaging technologies that use the eye as a window to the brain. The goal is to enable detecting small vessel diseases through quick eye examinations, before severe brain damage occurs.

Click here to read French government’s press release on RHU laureates (in French).