rtx1 users present clinical results at ARVO 2018

Several users of the rtx1 Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera will present new clinical results at the ARVO 2018 meeting, in Honolulu from Apr 29 to May 2.

What does AO imaging tell us about pathological conditions as various as retinitis pigmentosa, Miyake’s disease, foveal hypoplasia, or outer retinitis ? How does it help detect early signs and small progressions? How can it be helpful in a clinical trial for cell therapy for age-macular degeneration ?
If you’d like to know more about it, don’t miss the opportunity to attend these :

Presentations on rtx1TM Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera

  • In Vivo Measurements of Cone Photoreceptor Parameters in Eyes with Different Vision from Images Obtained by an Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera Y. Liang, H. Cheng, S. Lin, K. Ciuffreda, B. Vasudevan, K. Zhou CHINA (poster C0209 / Exhibit Hall – 46 / Sun, Apr 29th 1:00pm)
  • Repeatability of Flood-Illuminated Adaptive Optics Imaging in Subjects with Retinitis Pigmentosa M. Gale, G. Harman, .J Chen, M. Pennesi – USA (poster C0226 / Exhibit Hall – 46 / Sun, Apr 29th 1:00pm)
  • A family with a spectrum of Miyake’s disease possibly caused by a novel RP1L1 mutation (S1207F)
    S. Kameya, K. Gocho, S.Kikuchi, K. Akeo, D. Kubota, Y. Tane, K. Shinoda, A. Mizota, K. Fujinami, T. Iwata, K. Yoshitake, K. Tsunoda, T. Igarashi, H. Takahashi JAPAN (poster B0348 / Exhibit Hall – 106 / Mon, Apr 30th 8:15am)
  • Phenotypic heterogeneity of retinal degenerations caused by mutations in CRX examined by multimodal clinical imaging including adaptive optics retinal camera K. Stingl, L. Kuehlewein, M. Kempf, F. Sadler, F. Nasser, B. Wissinger, S. Kohl, N. Weisschuh, M. Ueffing, E. Zrenner GERMANY (poster C0357 / Exhibit Hall -109 / Mon, Apr 30th 8:15am)
  • High-resolution imaging analysis of foveal hypoplasia with a novel PAX6 mutation K. Gocho, D. Kubota, S. Kikuchi, T. Igarashi, H. Takahashi, S. Kameya JAPAN (poster C0360 / Exhibit Hall – 109 / Mon, Apr 30th 8:15am – 10:00am)
  • Human Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium sheet transplantation in severe neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: 18-month survival and structural outcomes O. Georgiadis, K. Fynes, Y. Luo, B. Nommiste, J. Zhong, C. Ramsden, P. Coffey, L. daCruz ENGLAND (paper 2984 / Room 311 – 206 / Tue, May 1st 11:45am)
  • Quantitative Analysis of Retinal Cones in Subjects with Retinitis Pigmentosa Using Adaptive Optics Camera R. Lin, D. Pan, F. Lu, Z.B. Jin – CHINA (poster A0271 / Exhibit Hall – 109 / Wed, May 2nd 11:15am)
  • Association between Functional and Morphologic Recovery in a Woman with Severe Outer Retinitis after Tonsillitis, K. Matsushita, R. Kawashima, T. Fujikado, K. Nishida JAPAN (poster A0294 / Exhibit Hall – 310 / Wed, May 2nd 11:15am)
  • Distribution of parafoveal and peripheral cones in emmetropic and myopic subjects R. Legras, K. Woog FRANCE(poster A0339 / Exhibit Hall – 311 / Wed, May 2nd 11:15am)
  • Cone density in the population-based CCC2000 cohort at age 16-17 years C. Eckmann-Hansen, M. Hansen, P.P. Laigaard, B. Sander, I. Munch, E.M. Olsen, A.M. Skovgaard, M. Larsen DANEMARK (poster B0251 / Exhibit Hall – 314 / Wed, May 2nd 11:15am)

Presentation on other Imagine Eyes’ project

  • Compact retinal optical coherence tomography instrument at 1060nm for large field of view imaging including an optical zoom in option using adaptive optics M. Salas, M. Augustin, F. Felberer, L. Ginner, A. Wartak, R. Leitgeb, X. Levecq, A. Reumüller, A. Pollreisz, U. Schmidt-Erfurth, W. Drexler, M. Pircher AUSTRIA (poster C0198 / Exhibit Hall – 17 / Sun, Apr 29th 8:15am)

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