New: Follow-up module for the rtx1 AO retinal camera

A new software version – AOimage 3.4 – is now available for the rtx1 Adaptive Optics retinal camera. It enables tracking pathological changes at the cellular level in a very simple way!

Unlike AO-SLO devices, the rtx1 delivers distortion-free retinal images. Building on this unique advantage, AOimage 3.4 automatically aligns follow-up images with micrometer precision.  Then, time-lapse images are displayed by scrolling the mouse wheel, and any small change becomes visible.

Progression of geographic atrophy is easily observed with the new rtx1 software interface

Progression of geographic atrophy is easily observed in the new rtx1 Follow-up module.

This upgrade is compatible with all rtx1 units worldwide. rtx1 users can request it here.

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