Imagine Eyes’ AO retinal imaging system receives regulatory clearance in China

March 09, 2020, Orsay, France, and Beijing, China. Imagine Eyes’ flagship product, the rtx1-e Adaptive Optics retinal camera, is now registered as a medical device in China. It is the only device on the market that captures images of the back of the eye at the cellular level.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide the rtx1-e to ophthalmologists in China. They had been waiting for this leading-edge product to become available in order to further advance clinical research.” said Wang Yong, General Manager of Beijing Imagine Optic Technology Ltd.

“There is no doubt that the NMPA registration is a major milestone in the deployment of our technology in Asia.” said Imagine Eyes’ CEO Nicolas Chateau.

Imagine Eyes is a recognized pioneer in cellular-resolution retinal imaging. Its breakthrough products enable doctors to examine the back of the eye with unprecedented detail, in order to detect early signs of diseases and better adapt treatments to patients. Such unique performance is provided by adaptive optics, a technology that Imagine Eyes’ engineers derived from astrophysics.

Beijing Imagine Optic Technology Ltd is the Chinese branch of Imagine Optic, leader in wavefront sensing and adaptive optics technologies. It distributes Imagine Optic’s and Imagine Eyes’ cutting-edge products in China and is recognized for its technical expertise and high quality of service.


Click here to learn more about the rtx1-e product (in English).

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