Christophe Rondeau appointed as R&D Engineer

Christophe Rondeau recently joined Imagine Eyes’ team as an R&D Engineer. “We are happy to welcome Christophe and, with him, accelerate the development of superior retinal imaging products” says Xavier Levecq, CTO at Imagine Eyes. “I am very excited about using what I’ve learnt in biophotonics to create diagnostic devices that should benefit ocular health throughout the world” says Christophe.

Before joining Imagine Eyes, Christophe developed an affordable and easy-to-use adaptive optics system for telescopes at Imagine Optic. Previously, as an intern in a brain research unit at CNRS and CEA (France’s major national research organizations) he combined MRI and new microscopy technology to study how the brain responds to visual information. Christophe graduated in 2019 from the Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS).