Adaptive Optics Ophthalmoscopy and OCT meeting in Paris

The second edition of the international course on Adaptive Optics Ophthalmoscopy will be held in Paris on September 4-5, 2019. Registration is open!

Organized by Dr. Kate Grieve and Prof. Michel Paques, this two-day event will address both technical and medical aspects of adaptive optics (AO) retinal imaging.

On the first day, in the auditorium of Institut Langevin in Paris, physicists and clinicians will cover basic knowledge as well as recent progress in AO technology as well as OCT. Lecturers will also present a wide variety of clinical examples – including clinical data acquired with Imagine Eyes’ rtx1 AO retinal camera. Attendees are warmly invited to bring their own clinical case reports and questions for a collective discussion at the end of the day.

The second day will be dedicated to training sessions for two groups of attendees at the Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Center in Paris. As the number of participants in each group is limited, please note that a specific registration is required for the sessions of Sept. 5th.

For details about the event, the registration process and abstract submission, click here