Imagine Eyes exhibits at ARVO 2019

Imagine Eyes will exhibit at the upcoming ARVO meeting in Vancouver, Canada, on April 28 – May 1, 2019. We warmly welcome all attendees to visit us on our booth #1403 and discover our most recent progress in adaptive optics retinal imaging.

rtx1-e AO camera: micron-precision follow-up performed on cone cells (left) and small artery walls (right)

Our company’s flagship product, the rtx1-e™ AO retinal camera, comes to ARVO 2019 equipped with a new software which brings key improvements in terms of usability, especially for follow-up examinations:

  • Automatic alignment of follow-up images with cellular level accuracy
  • Analysis of the exact same retinal region through different visits with AOdetect™ suite

Designed to precisely meet users’ requests, these improvements enable micron-precision follow-up with simplified workflow, to facilitate tracking retinal changes at the cellular level.

Meet us at our booth #1403 to see a live demonstration. How about trying the rtx1-e yourself? And soon realize how fast and easy-to-use it is?

Learn more about the rtx1-e AO Retinal Camera here.
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