i2Eye 2024

Meet Imagine Eyes at the 6th interdisciplinay meeting on innovative imaging of eye disease – i2Eye 2024 – organized by University of Pittsburgh, UPMC, and Institut de la Vision. It will take place at the new UPMC Vision Institute in Pittsburgh, on September 15-17 2024.

In this 3-day meeting, experts in ophthalmology, physics, biology, and image processing will address the latest advances in ocular imaging, how they help understand diseases and improve clinical care.

Topics this year include: innovative technologies for structural and functional imaging of the retina, structural imaging of the anterior segment, ocular immunology and inflammation, eye movements, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, animal models, organoids and novel vision restoration therapies such as optogenetics.

Imagine Eyes supports this event and will be present on site.

To register, sumbit an abstract, see the program and practical modalities of the event, go to the i2Eye 2024 website.

Abstracts, hotel accommodation and special rates: until July 15.


For question on this event, please send an email to: I2EY24@pitt.edu