Discover the rtx1-e at the Annual Congress of Japan Clinical Ophthalmology

Chuo Sangio Co and Imagine Eyes  together  exhibit the rtx1-e Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera at the 2017 Annual Congress of Japan Clinical Ophthalmology (RINGAN) on October 12-15 in Tokyo.

The rtx1-e delivers stunning images of the retina and reveals small structures that have been invisible with other imaging techniques. It is the only device in the market that enables examining single photorecetor cells, as well as blood vessel walls.

While OCT devices provide high axial resolution, the rtx1-e offers unprecedented lateral resolution – between 5 and 10 times higher than OCT’s lateral resolution, which makes it ideal for detecting very microscopic changes over time in the retina.

We welcome all attendees at Chuo Sangio Co’s booth  (hall E) for live demonstrations!

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