CASAO Adaptive Optics Command & Control software

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CASAO is a unique application that seamlessly combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument diagnostics to provide users with an ergonomic adaptive optics PC workspace.  Perfectly adapted to HASO™ 32 - eye wavefront sensors and the mirao™ 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror, CASAO equally functions with a wide variety of wavefront sensors and active components including deformable mirrors, MEMS and SLMs, CASAO is the only software tool that you need to get the most out of your open or closed-loop system.  CASAO is Windows XP and 7 (version B for x64) compatible.

Perfect loop control for imperfect wavefronts

Whether you’re an established expert in adaptive optics or just getting started, you’ll be up and running quickly thanks to CASAO’s user-friendly, feature rich environment.

Once again our products lead the industry by providing newcomers to adaptive optics with a unique, hands-on tutorial mode that guides users step by step through measurement, correction and diagnostics.  Experienced users can choose between standard and automatic modes that put the ensemble of CASAO’s features at your disposal right away.  Even more, CASAO’s wavefront and instrument diagnostics enable you to better understand and use the information you acquire by providing detailed information on its nature.

Click to here to download CASAO's specifications to your computer in PDF format.  You can equally download our Research Equipment product brochure by clicking here.  If you would like more information or would like to arrange for a demonstration, please contact us by telephone at +33 (0)1 64 86 15 66 or by e-mail by clicking here.

 CASAO Screen Captures