mirao™ 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror

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mirao 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable MirrorImagine Eyes’ patented mirao™ 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror is the only product of its kind on the market today.  Only mirao has the stroke and optical quality needed to correct for the wide ranging aberrations found in eyes – even in highly-abberated and pathologically affected eyes. (click here to see an independent study on deformable mirror performance on the SPIE website)

In retinal imaging, mirao enables you to improve both the transverse and axial resolutions of today’s leading cellular imaging techniques including OCT and confocal/multiphoton microscopy.  As a component in your vision simulation system, mirao enables you to correct for aberrations and simulate the effects of various aberrations on vision (click here to see a list of scientific publications using mirao and our adaptive optics products).

Key technical specifications include:

  • 50 µm wavefront stroke
  • 52 actuators on a 15mm effective pupil
  • exceptional optical quality of 0.01 µm RMS
  • 95% linearity
  • lack of hysteresis (<2%)
  • TRIG-OUT for TTL synchronization
  • USB2 connectivity
  • ANSI-based Application programming Interface (API) compatible with Windows XP and Window 7 (x32 - x64 under evaluation)
  • Fully IEC 61010 & 1236 compliant (electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility)

mirao 52-e comes complete with the following:

  • mirror unit
  • electronic control unit
  • CD-ROM with the API, software tools that allow the user to verify system installation and operational status, a file conversion utility (CSO-CASAO-HAS) for file sharing between our other software products, a demonstration program
    that employs each of the API’s commands
  • user documentation
  • connection cables

To learn more about what's new in the mirao 52-e, click hereClick to here to download these specifications to your computer in PDF format.  You can equally download our Research Equipment product brochure by clicking here.  If you would like more information or would like to arrange for a demonstration, please contact us by telephone at +33 (0)1 64 86 15 66 or by e-mail by clicking here.

Key specifications

Number of actuators
Effective diameter
15 mm
Integrated tip/tilt correction
Surface quality – RMS, active flat
0.01 µm
Wavefront quality – RMS, active flat
0.02 µm
Spatial frequency correction
Zernike orders up to 6
> 95%
< 2%
Actuator input voltage
±1V max in each of the 52 channels (1) 
Protected silver
Dimensions/Weight (mirror unit)
64 x 64 x 23 mm / 490 g

1 Sum of absolute voltages <25V

Zernike mode range

Zernike order
Maximum Peak-to-Valley (PV) wavefront generation
(pupil diameter 14.6 mm)
 ±50 µm±50 µm 
 ±30 µm±35 µm±30 µm 
±25 µm±10 µm±10 µm±25 µm
±15 µm±8 µm±8 µm±8 µm±15 µm