More about the crx1™ Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator

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crx1 Adaptive Optics Visual SimulatorImagine Eye’s crx1™ Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator is the only device of its kind available today. For the first time, vision science and eye health researchers can measure, correct and manipulate optical aberrations with extreme precision.

Streamline industrial development

The crx1 provides a whole new way of addressing the prototyping process that significantly reduces development time and improves product performance. For example, the crx1 enables you to test the performance of new ophthalmic lenses without actually manufacturing them, resulting in reduced time on clinical investigation and accelerated development of improved optical designs.

The crx1 can also be used to assess the potential visual outcome of laser ablation patterns in a totally reversible and non-invasive way, optimizing clinical research and speeding up the development of improved surgical laser treatments.

Explore new frontiers in vision science

The crx1 equally enables you to explore the neurosensory system of the human eye, without the limitations usually imposed by ocular aberrations, and study the effects of wavefront aberrations and contrast sensitivity on visual performance. In cases of amblyopia, the crx1 removes ambiguity in visual acuity testing by canceling the effects of eye optics. This unique ability enables functional assessments at the retinal level.

The possibilities for the crx1 are as numerous as they are exciting. To offer this, Imagine Eyes has united the some of the most advanced technologies available today:

  • The irx3™ Wavefront Aberrometer – Based on a high-resolution Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor, the irx3 provides extremely precise measurement capabilities across the dynamic range gamut.
  • The mirao™ – A patented new technology that provides the unique ability necessary to compensate for the large wavefront errors found in human eyes.
  • Our adaptive-optics software suite – Imagine Eyes has assembled industry-leading technology and coupled it with our patented algorithms that are at the heart of our proprietary software suite. This complete package enables the unique functionalities offered by the crx1 and compensates for the effects of eye movement or blinking during operation.
  • Organic LED microdisplay – Transforms the internal fixation target into a miniature monitor capable of displaying the infinite variety of data supplied by the other components, thereby simulating vision.

To see a list of peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations, click here.

Click to here to view the crx1 specifications page or here to download them in PDF format to your computer.  You can equally download our Research Equipment product brochure by clicking here.  If you would like more information or would like to arrange for a demonstration, please contact us by telephone at +33 (0)1 64 86 15 66 or by e-mail by clicking here.