Wavefront aberrometer software

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Imagine Eyes’ proprietary software integrates patented algorithm packages that extend the analytical capabilities of the irx3™ Wavefront Aberrometer and crx1™ Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator to offer an intuitive presentation of precise ocular wavefront data.

Software technology packages

Wavefront retrieval

Algorithms use both the modal and zonal theories of phase reconstruction to ensure robust and reliable measurements of wavefront distortions. Unlike other wavefront analysis software, this incisive technology can account for naturally non-circular pupils because it does not truncate the measured data to an artificial circular pupil area.

Optical/physical calculations

3D-ray tracing and wave propagation algorithms accurately calculate all relevant physical optical coefficients and functions such as Zernike polynomial coefficients, PSF, MTF, OTF, Strehl ratio and diopter maps. Users control the scaling of coefficients to easily compare measurements obtained in different eyes, or in the same eye at different intervals.

Visual processing

Patented algorithms, developed by Imagine Eyes, enable users to easily transform the physical optical function data into familiar and easy to interpret graphical representations of visual acuity, contrast sensitivity functions and retinal images.

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irx3 ocular wavefront aberration

irx3 aberration chart

irx3 wavefront accommodation assessment graph