Wavefront aberrometer hardware

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Imagine Eye’s irx3™ Wavefront Aberrometer offers practitioners and researchers unparalleled performance by intelligently combing our patented, high-precision/wide dynamic range ocular wavefront measurement hardware with other proprietary technology to provide an exceptional ophthalmic diagnostic device that responds to their needs today while preparing them for the future.

How the irx3 works

The patient is seated in front of the device and places their chin on a standard chinrest while the operator adjusts the position of the measurement aperture to coincide with the subject’s eye.  After correctly centering the pupil in the measurement zone, the operator begins the procedure and an extremely fine beam of infrared light is directed towards the eye fundus. The beam is then reflected back (backscattered) by the retina and travels back through the eye and pupil. The exit beam is then directed to a wavefront sensor that analyses the shape of the optical wave. The resulting information includes a complete profile of the optical defects present in the subject’s eye.

In order to provide precision ocular wavefront measurement, the irx3 employs advanced technologies including:

Adaptive spatial filtering technology

Cleanses the optical signal of spurious light reflected by optical interfaces (cornea, correcting lenses) and enables the irx3™ to assess eyes wearing any type of ophthalmic correction.

Adjustable visual target

Enables assessment of accommodation and presbyopia and improves reliability in diagnosing hyperopia.

Multi-step calibration procedure

Ensures rigorous analysis and optimizes measurement accuracy over the complete range.

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