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One of the primary ways that Imagine Eyes sets itself apart from other manufacturers is that we master the entire product development process from conception and prototyping through to industrialization and customer support.  For our customers, this translates into products that are designed to their demanding needs from the ground up, without the boundaries often imposed when relying on third party products.

Our team unites experts from domains including human vision, applied optics, software and electrical engineering, mathematics and customer support that work together to achieve Imagine Eyes’ primary goal – provide practitioners, researchers and industrials with the most advanced ophthalmic devices available.  Many of the initial principals used to develop our products have been the fruit of applying adaptive optics technology, originally developed to improve imaging resolution for astronomers, to the needs of professionals working ophthalmology related domains.

To learn more about our technology, click on the links below.

Wavefront aberrometer hardware  Wavefront aberrometer software
Shack-Hartmann ocular wavefront aberrometer hardware

Our aberrometer hardware is based on patented technology that enables us to overcome the barriers that have impeded other manufacturers. Click to learn more.

 wavefront aberrometer software

Our software development team works in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that our software products fit seamlessly into their workflow. Click to learn more.

Questions (FAQ) on wavefront aberrometry  Adatpive optics for eye care
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about aberrometers and aberrometry

We have put together a short list of questions to help clarify the applications of wavefront aberrometry. Click to learn more.

 Adaptive optics for eye care and vision science

Learn about how adaptive optics, with products including Imagine Eye’s mirao 52-d Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror, is poised to make a major impact on the ophthalmology domain. Click to learn more.

For more information on our products, please browse the products menu on the left, or contact us by telephone at +33 (0)1 64 86 15 66 or by e-mail or by e-mail by clicking here.