Seamlessly integrated adaptive optics components

For industrials and researchers who develop ophthalmic instrumentation, the AOkit™ is a complete set of adaptive optics (AO) components specially designed for use with living eyes. The AOkit includes the mirao™ 52-e deformable mirror, the haso™ 32-eye wavefront sensor, and the casao™ software.

Each component of the AOkit is highly compatible with the others, and all of them are seamlessly integrated in a broad variety of systems.  Connect the cables to your laptop and run the setup program: this is all it takes to get the AOkit up and running.

Proven performance in a broad array of applications

Imagine Eyes’ AO components deliver unparalleled performance for measuring ocular wavefront errors, simulating ophthalmic lenses, and enhancing optical resolution. These market-leading products have been successfully implemented in multiple wavefront aberrometers and vision simulators as well as in a number of retinal imaging instruments in combination with various imaging modalities, including fundus cameras, scanning laser ophthalmoscopes (SLO), and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

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Engineering support based on extensive experience

Imagine Eyes’ technical team is dedicated to supporting customers worldwide in order to help optimize their system design, development and operation. Our engineers and scientists are happy to share their extensive experience in integrating adaptive optics in a variety of hardware and software configurations. In every case, they can help get the most out of adaptive optics. Click here to find out how to contact us.