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By revealing previously unseen microscopic detail in the eye's retina, the rtx1™ enables doctors to track multiple diseases at the cellular and microvascular levels.

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Ultrahigh-resolution retinal imaging

Regeneration of photoreceptor outer segments after scleral buckling surgery for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.
Ra, Eimei et al. , AJO

Ultrahigh-resolution retinal imaging

Effects of age, blood pressure and antihypertensive treatments on retinal arterioles remodeling assessed by adaptive optics
Rosenbaum, D; Mattina, A; Koch, E; Rossant, F; Gallo, A; Kachenoura, N; Paques, M; Redheuil, A; Girerd, X , Journal of Hypertension

Ultrahigh-resolution retinal imaging

Parafoveal cone abnormalities and recovery on adaptive optics in posterior uveitis
Biggee, K., Gale, M. J., Smith, T. B., Suhler, E. B., Pennesi, M. E., & Lin, P. , AJO Case Reports

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