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By revealing previously unseen microscopic detail in the eye's retina, the rtx1™ enables doctors to track multiple diseases at the cellular and microvascular levels.

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Publications in the spotlight

Retinal microscopy

Cone Dystrophy in Patient with Homozygous RP1L1 Mutation
S.Kikuchi et al. , Hindawi

Retinal microscopy

Retinal Vasculitis Imaging by Adaptive Optics
M-H Errera et al. , Oph

Retinal microscopy

Morphometric analysis of small arteries in the human retina using adaptive optics imaging: relationship with blood pressure and focal vascular changes
E. Koch, M. Paques et al. , Journal of Hypertension

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Thank you to the many rtx1 users who presented results at ARVO 2015 !

New imaging system analyzes retinal blood flow and microcirculation at Grenoble’s University Hospital

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Imagine Eyes & Vital at the 2015 Symposium on Ophthalmic Clinical Instruments in Yokohama

Imagine Eyes exhibits at Euretina 2015 in Nice, France

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