mirao™ 52-e Deformable Mirror

The reference deformable mirror for ophthalmic systems

The mirao™ 52-e is the most widely used deformable mirror in ophthalmic adaptive optics systems. Specifically designed for ophthalmology and vision science, this industry-reference product is the ideal choice for visual simulation, ultra-high resolution retinal imaging, and other ophthalmic applications of adaptive optics. The mirao 52-e ideally complements the haso™ 32-eye wavefront sensor and casao™ software.

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Accurate AO correction for a wide variety of eyes

The mirao 52-e uses a patented electromagnetic actuation technology to deform a highly-reflecting membrane. Its 52 miniature actuators and exceptionally large stroke (±50 micron peak-to-valley for tilt mode) enable compensating for the wide variety of wavefront errors that affect living eyes. The device achieves highly accurate corrections thanks to its superior surface quality (0.01 micron RMS in active flat mode). Even eyes suffering from high astigmatism are fully corrected by the mirao 52-e.

Seamless integration

The mirao 52-e is seamlessly integrated thanks to plug-and-play USB connectivity, small footprint, and compliance with electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards (IEC 61010-1, IEC 61326-1 and IEC 60601-1-2).

The device can be operated without the need for developing software when used in combination with the casao software and haso wavefront sensor. Additionally, for software developers, a complete application programming interface (API) is included with the mirao 52-e product.

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Easy shape control

As its shape response to input voltage is extremely linear (>95%) and exempt from hysteresis (<2%), the surface shape of the mirao 52-e is easily driven using classical adaptive optics control algorithms.

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