haso™ 32-eye Wavefront Sensor

The reference wavefront sensor for ophthalmic systems

The haso™ 32-eye Wavefront Sensor has been specially designed for the demanding needs of researchers and engineers who build ophthalmic instruments. This industry-reference product is being used to acquire high-precision wavefront data in a variety of systems including wavefront aberrometers, visual simulators, and adaptive optics imaging devices. In ophthalmic adaptive optics systems, the haso 32-eye ideally complements the mirao™ 52-e deformable mirror and casao™ software.

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Accurate wavefront measurements in a wide variety of eyes

The haso 32-eye sensor is based on patented Shack-Hartmann technology and includes a 1240 high-quality micro-lens array in a 4.6 x 3.6mm pupil. It provides outstanding performance by combining high precision (lambda/100) and large measuring range (defocus up to 66 D), which together enable to accurately assess the wide variety of wavefront aberrations that affect living eyes.

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Seamless integration

The haso 32-eye’s small footprint, industry-standard Firewire connectivity, and plug-and-play installation make it ideal for integration with other products when building high-performance wavefront and adaptive optics systems.

The haso software application, included in the product package, provides an easy interface to drive the sensor and analyze wavefront data without the need for any programming. For developers who want to integrate haso 32-eye in their own software, the haso software function library is equally available as a Software Development Kit (SDK).

Additionally, the haso 32-eye is compatible with the casao software, which enables driving the sensor in various AO system configurations.

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