casao™ Adaptive Optics Software

The turnkey software solution for AO systems

Imagine Eyes’® casao™ Adaptive Optics Software is a unique application that combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument calibration and diagnostic functions. casao provides users with an ergonomic, all-in-one adaptive optics PC workspace. It only takes a few minutes to install casao and start operating your AO system.

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Compatible with a broad array of AO systems

Perfectly adapted to the mirao™ 52-e and haso™ 32-eye components, casao equally functions with a other wavefront sensors of the haso range and with a wide variety of phase modulators including deformable mirrors, MEMS, and SLMs from third-party manufacturers.

In many cases, casao is the only software tool that you need to drive your AO system in closed or open loop. However, in order to enable AO control from third-party software, casao can also be configured for client/server communication through networks. Additionally, in case a complete integration in another software application is required, the casao software function library is equally available as a Software Development Kit (SDK).

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