AOimage™ for rtx1™

Adaptive optics imaging easier than ever

The AOimage™ software has been designed in collaboration with ophthalmologists and retinal photographers to provide the most intuitive interface to the rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera.

With AOimage, ultrahigh-resolution retinal images are acquired through a fast and easy procedure. As the adaptive optics system and image processing algorithms operate in a totally automated way, the user’s attention is only required to align the device and capture the images. AOimage also includes a complete and straightforward viewer interface for examining, comparing and exporting images.

NEW! Imagine Eyes keeps upgrading AOimage. The most recent addition is a follow-up functionality that makes it very easy to image a same portion of the retina on different visits.



  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Simple control of localization, focusing and image capture
  • Multiple selectable fixation target patterns
  • Dark window background compatible with dim light conditions



  • Fully automated AO operation
  • Multithread image processing



  • Follow-up functionality
  • Network-compatible database
  • Remote access viewer (option)
  • Export to multiple image formats including PNG and DICOM

Click here to see a gallery of images acquired using AOimage with the rtx1, and click here to read more about clinical retinal microscopy.

The AOimage software is included in the rtx1 product. The rtx1 is an approved medical device in the European Union (CE 0459 from G-MED, class 2a device), in Japan (Shonin) and in Australia (ARTC approval). In the USA, the rtx1 has not received FDA clearance. It is an investigational device and requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight for use in any research application. Further information should be read in the user documentation.






  • For the first time, adaptive optics enables us to visualize retinal neurons –the photoreceptors- and offers totally new options to evaluate retinal therapies. Pr. José Sahel, Hôpital des Quinze-Vingts, Paris 
  • As much as OCT, Imagine Eyes’ technology is a major breakthrough in retinal diagnostics. Pr. Wolfgang Drexler, Medical University Vienna 
  • Retinal images acquired with Imagine Eyes’ instrument are the most promising things that I have seen at the American Academy of Ophthalmology this year. Dr. Ben Szirth, New Jersey Medical School, USA 
  • We no more can  imagine further  progress in the knowledge and treatment of retinal diseases without  the cellular and micro-vascular  imaging  technique developed by Imagine Eyes. Pr. Philippe Sourdille, Sourdille Ophthalmology Clinic, Nantes, France 

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