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Imagine Eyes' products combine wide-ranging functionality with superior performance and ease of use. To learn more, please click on a product below. For additional information, please contact us at by telephone on +33 (0)1 64 86 15 66 or click here to contact us by e-mail.

rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera *   crx1™ Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator *

The rtx1 Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera* is the first compact device that enables ophthalmologists to visualize the retina at the cellular-scale in vivo. Learn more.


The crx1 Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator* allows customers to simulate the effects of optical or surgical corrections on human vision in a completely non-invasive and reversible manner. Learn more.

AOKit™ - eye   irx3™ Wavefront Aberrometer **

The AOKit - eye is the ideal package for basic and industrial researchers that want to create their own adaptive-optics retinal imaging or vision simulation systems Learn more.


The irx3 Wavefront Aberrometer provides high-precision analysis of refractive errors and accommodation over an extremely large dynamic range. Learn more.

mirao™ 52-e Deformable Mirrors   HASO™ 32 - eye Wavefront Sensors   CASAO™ command & control software
mirao 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable Mirrors

mirao™ 52-e’s patented technology makes it the ideal choice for innovative ophthalmic research using adaptive optics. Learn more.

  haso 32 eye

HASO™ 32 - eye wavefront sensors unite high resolution and wide dynamic range for ophthalmic applications. Learn more.


CASAO™ adaptive optics software combines wavefront measurement and correction with extensive instrument diagnostics. Learn more.