Imagine Eyes announces new additions to its board and management team

Imagine Eyes, the specialist in cellular-level retinal imaging, is proud to announce three new additions to its management team.


Stéphane Sallmard is named Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

Stéphane Sallmard brings with him an exceptional experience in management, paved with numerous accomplishments in innovative product marketing.

CEO and Managing Director of OPTOS Plc. (Edinburgh) in 2001, Stéphane Sallmard orchestrated the fundraising round that brought over $28 million in capital to the company in order to bring their new retinal imaging instrument to market. Under his management, the company’s sales skyrocketed from $1.5 million to $67 million in just 5 years.  In 2006, the company went public on the London Stock Exchange raising £50 million in new capital.  OPTOS’ growth earned Stéphane Sallmard several honors including the Technology Pioneers Award at the Forum Economique Mondial de Davos.

With an engineering degree (Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité Industrielle de Paris) as well a degree in management (Kellogg School of Management, Chicago), Stéphane Sallmard has amassed 30 years of successful experience in business management, marketing and finance at an array of innovative companies including IBM, Wang, Digital, Nixdorf, Général Electric and Acuson Systems.

Currently, Stéphane Sallmard shares his time between several activities related to medical technologies.  He is currently serving as Chairman at BioSpace Med (Paris) and at Forth Photonics (Edinburgh) as well as providing strategic counsel  to London based VC NBGI and to the Scottish government regarding medical technologies.

As Chairman of Imagine Eyes’ Board, Stéphane Sallmard will play a key role in driving the company’s marketing strategy for its innovative technology that allows ophthalmologists to visualize the retina at the cellular level. 

Jamal Labed is named Member of the Board of Directors

A graduate of l’Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (Rouen, France), Jamal Labed founded the group SIGHT International in 1987, a data processing training company that is firmly established in France, Portugal, Morocco and Spain. After the sale of the company in 1990, Jamal Labed founded Echo Soft Technologies, a company specialized in developing tools for optimizing SGBD Oracle.  He sold the company two years later to Platinum Technology (today Computer Associates). Currently, he dedicates his time to the operational management of Staff&Line, which he founded in 1988 with Sylvain Gauthier. The company went public in 2005 and rapidly grew, amassing annual sales of over 10€ million.

Thanks to his experience in structuring, financing and developing innovative companies internationally, Jamal Labed will play a key role on Imagine Eyes’ Board by directing the company’s growth strategy.

Clément Viard with head the Cellular-level retinal imaging program

Clément Viard, earned his degree in engineering in 2001 at l’Ecole Centrale de Marseille, and began his career in California. He first worked as an engineer specializing in opto-electronics for Dicon Fiber Optics and Gigabitoptics Corp.  His next career step led him to Carl Zeiss Meditec, a worldwide leader in ophthalmic instrumentation.  He was quickly promoted to head the Cirrus HD-OCT Program (2008-2009), and was a key contributor to each stage of the product’s development from prototyping through to device marketing.  With over 1,000 instruments sold worldwide during its first year on the market, generating over $60 million in sales, the product’s success continues. Today, Cirrus HD-OCT generates the highest profit margin in the ophthalmic diagnosis industry.

His expertise in marketing innovative medical instruments and solid experience in team coordination make Clément Viard the ideal complement to the Imagine Eyes management team.

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