Imagine Eyes and our customers presenting at EVER 2009

During this year’s annual EVER conference in Portoroz Slovenia from Sep. 30 to Oct. 3, Image Eyes products will be highlighted in 5 presentations.

Presentations include (click on the link to see the items and abstracts on the EVER site):

Professor Gisele Soubraine will moderate the course “New ocular imaging in retinopathies” with 3 presentations from her team including “Telangiectasia evaluated with adaptive optics and HT-OCT,” “Drusen in adaptive optics and SD-OCT,” and “Chorioretinal anastomosis in adaptive optics and high-definition SD-OCT.”  Imagine Eyes’ founder, Nicolas Chateau, will close the course with a discussion entitled “Perspective for adaptive optics.”

Dr. Jean-Jacques Giquel will co-moderate the course “Wavefront aberrometry and adaptive optics” and present “Wavefront aberrations variations with accommodation.”  Nicolas Chateau will present recent work from the Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye Institute in “Adaptive optics applied to the vision simulator.”