Imagine Eyes and our customers at the 2009 Wavefront Congress

At this year’s annual Wavefront Congress, held from March 5-7 in Alicante Spain, Imagine Eyes’ team members and customers will offer 5 presentations.  Click the “read more…”  link for details.

"In Vitro quality of aspheric IOLs under translation and tilts"
Authored by doctors S. Bonaque, V. Fernandez-Sanchez, R ; Montés-Micó and N. López-Gil

“Optical quality derived from wave aberrations during accommodation”
Authored by doctors N. López-Gil , L. N. Thibos, V. Fernandez-Sanchez, A. Cerviño, J-M. Méijome, R, Montés-Micó

“Enhanced Visual Acuity and Image Perception in Keratoconus Eyes Following Correction of Aberrations using and Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator”
Authored by K. Maia Rocha at the Cleveland Clinic

“Visual Acuity Loss Due to Astigmatism as a Function of Higher-Order Aberrations”
Authored by G. Martin, Essilor International

“Recent Developments in Deformable Mirror Technology”
Authored by L. Vabre, Imagine Eyes