HASO™ 32 - eye wavefront sensors

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HASO 32 - eyeImagine Eyes’ HASO™ 32-eye wavefront sensors are specially designed for the special needs of researchers and integrators for high-performance, versatile devices at a competitive price. These inexpensive, mono-wavelength units are based on patented Shack-Hartmann technology that unites high-resolution and wide-dynamic range to go beyond the measurement capabilities of inferior manufacturers.  Available in a variety of configurations, their small footprint and industry standard connectivity makes for seamless integration with other products when building high-performance optics platforms and adaptive optics systems.




Key technical specifications

Aperture dimension
4.6 x 3.6 mm²
Sub-apertures dedicated to analysis
40 x 32
Number of lenslets
Tilt dynamic range
> ± 3° (400 λ)
Focus dynamic range
0.015 m to ± ∞(400 λ)
Repeatability (RMS)
< λ / 200
Wavefront measurement accuracy (absolute mode) (1)
< λ / 100
Wavefront measurement accuracy (relative mode) (2)
< λ / 150
Tilt measurement sensitivity
5 µrad
Focus measurement sensitivity
3.10-3 m-1
Spatial resolution
~ 110 µm
Maximum acquisition frequency
60 Hz
Calibrated wavelength band
780 nm
Working temperature
15 - 30° C
Dimensions / weight
30 x 35 x 54 mm / 150 g
Power supply
12 V / 2 W
Software Compatibility
Windows XP, Windows 7 (version B pour x64)





Click to here to download these specifications to your computer in PDF format.  You can equally download our Research Equipment product brochure by clicking here.  If you would like more information or would like to arrange for a demonstration, please contact us by telephone at +33 (0)1 64 86 15 66 or by e-mail by clicking here.

1) Difference between the real wavefront and a reference wavefront obtained in similar conditions (10 λ of shift maximum).
2) Wavefront as seen by the wavefront sensor. Performance kept on the whole spectral range.